They paired it with a 3. He really knows his stuff. A machined aluminum adapter plate is available in the aftermarket as a spacer. Another option is to swap the input shaft for a T5 Jeep 10 spline input shaft S10 and V6 Camaro only. I think was the last year the T5 was made. There are videos available that teach how to rebuild the T5. After viewing one, I believe I can do it. Make sure you can tell the difference between the GM and Ford style cases. The V6, S10 and S15 T5s have a fairly low 1st gear. Many of the S10 and S15 truck T5s have a 0.

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Test of 5 line rods. Measurements of casting distance and action – what’s best? The stiffest rods will create the longest casts! This is a common assumption made by fly casters, but is it really accurate?

Can I hook up a 4 port USB2 hub to one USB port and then expand my ability to attach external drives. I currently have a 1tb and 2tb drive attached, have a… I have the best success running everything off of .

I also cut and fitted the door to the front of the TV cupboard using angle brackets. However these had little notches in them so some work was needed to ensure the cupboard door could shut properly! I also fit the fridge. Those brackets were not quite man enough really so I put some hard steel ones from B and Q on the inside of the cupboard too.

I also made a retaining peg to stop the tv cupboard sliding out during right hand turns! With that done I connected up the wiring properly to be able to fit the lights once I had cut the fascia boards basically a cover panel that I cut to size and shape. Oh and a random Cat jumped in for a look too! Tested that it worked… which it did, Kev looks pleased with it!

V Mains Electric Hook Up Installation Kit T2/T4/T5 Van/Campervan/Motorhome

Full Campervan Conversions We supply full campervan conversions and bespoke campervan conversions to your specification. All windows are carefully cut out, primed and fully bonded for a perfect finish. Fixed, opening, full slider and half slider window options are available. Privacy glass and tinting is also available.

The hook up kit was delivered in a timely fashion. Quality was generally acceptable. Cable designated for distribution from consumer unit to socket outlets was in a poor condition.

The “Aftermarket Radio Problem” Background: That means the dealer’s scan tools and our own VCDS system can talk to the radio. So you can set various options, like whether a CD player is connected, whether there’s an amplified or conventional antenna, and so on. In addition, these radios constantly monitor their speaker outputs and if you have an open or short circuit to one of the speakers, even a momentary one, they will record a fault code.

We’re not sure whether this was for antenna power or as an amplifier turn-on or what. Aftermarket Radios Now people hardly ever put older stock radios in newer cars. What they often do is install better after-market radios. And they most often do this by using an aftermarket adapter-harness which plugs right into the car’s harness, so they don’t have to cut up the car’s harness. So you install your fancy new radio with one of these and everything works fine until..

The K-Line is not used for intra-vehicle communications. But a scan-tool initializes a communications session by pulling the K-line to ground. The K-line is supposed to have some voltage on it, but through a high-impedance source.

How to Jumpstart a Volvo S60

We are still working to obtain content for your car, however the video above is believed to have similar characteristics as your car. Tweet Video Description This video shows you how to jump start a dead battery in your Volvo S If you get into your S60, turn the key, and your car doesn’t start you may hear nothing or a clicking sound from the engine bay , you have a dead battery and need a jump-start.

Check to see if you left your headlights or an interior light on and turn the switch off. Assuming that you have a pair of jumper cables, a pair of safety glasses and a friend to give you a jumpstart, the video above will show you where to connect the cables and in what order!

How to add freon to your Volvo S hook up the can of refrigerant (likely ra) to the low pressure port. When your compressor kicks on, add freon to the correct pressure. In addition to cooling, freon lubricates the compressor when it runs.

Volume 6 Issue 1 July ballast – A device required by electric-discharge light sources such as fluorescent or HID lamps to regulate voltage and current supplied to the lamp during start and throughout operation. Ballast factor depends on both the ballast and the lamp type; a single ballast can have several ballast factors depending on lamp type. For a CRI value of , the maximum value, the colors of objects can be expected to be seen as they would appear under an incandescent or daylight spectrum of the same correlated color temperature CCT.

Sources with CRI values less than 50 are generally regarded as rendering colors poorly, that is, colors may appear unnatural. Electronic ballasts operate at high frequencies and are usually less noisy. Ratings define the range of ambient sound levels in which people will not notice the ballast noise. The higher the rating, the more noise that will be required to mask the ballast hum.

Heating the electrodes before starting the lamps reduces the voltage required to strike the electric arc between the electrodes. A rapid-start system starts smoothly, without flashing. The higher voltage is necessary because the electrodes are not heated prior to starting. This method starts the lamps without flashing. It is more energy efficient than rapid or preheat starting, but results in greater wear on the electrodes during starting.

The life of instant-start lamps that are switched on and off frequently may be reduced by as much as 25 percent relative to rapid-start operation. However, for longer burning cycles such as 12 hours per start , there may be no difference in lamp life for different starting methods.


The T5 is very similar in size and shape to the manual transmissions that originally were available for these cars, which makes the install fairly easy in any classic Ford. This swap is very popular in the Mustang community and because of that there is a lot of aftermarket parts support. There are also many good articles on the Internet detailing a T5 install in to a classic Mustang, some of which can even be found here on Ford Muscle.

Model-A 5-Speed Conversion. so I ended up making new ones. Also, the hole in the T5 needs to be bored to a larger size to work with the kit. The next step was to start disassembling the car. This involves unbolting the rear spring, brake rods, and shock absorbers from the car so that differential can be lowered and moved back to remove the.

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The Setup Utility settings excluding the password s will return to the default values. Press At the confirmation message, select [Yes] and press Enter. The Setup Utility will close, and the computer will restart.

Aug 15,  · FINALLY, a Vacuum Hose Diagram Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo’s extremely popular car line — Volvo’s s “bread and butter” cars — powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine.

We are still working to obtain content for your car, however the video above is believed to have similar characteristics as your car. Tweet Video Description When the air conditioner in your Volvo S60 starts blowing hot air, you likely have a freon leak. Most refrigerants include a leak sealer that will seal small leaks in addition to filling the R a refrigerant. If there is a problem with your compressor or evaporator, adding freon will not restore cooling.

How to add freon to your Volvo S When your compressor kicks on, add freon to the correct pressure. In addition to cooling, freon lubricates the compressor when it runs.

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Soft close ram system: As demonstrated by the huge range of options contained within our website, we can cater to your every need. A standard conversion would likely include ply lining and carpeting, a rock ‘n’ roll bed, flat or high sided unit in a wide choice of designs and colours and a table. Our rock and roll beds can be fitted with 2 or 3 point seat belts and can be in either a single or dual colour leather finish.

We also offer a complete veltrimming service which includes front cab ‘A’ pillars, door cards, front cab roof lining, rear cab plylining and veltrim, vinyl flooring or carpet. Come in and speak with Chris, who will go through the wide range of choices and options and draw up a plan of action.

V Mains Electric Hook Up Installation Kit. · 5M Blue mm 3 core arctic flex cable. Kit Contents. · Earth cable to earth the system to the chassis. Within this kit, you will receive;. · Cable ties to keep your install nice and tidy. | eBay!Seller Rating: % positive.

They are light-duty transmissions found behind the AMC 2. It is fully synchronized in all gears. All gears are helically cut. It features a cast aluminum top cover that is retained by eleven bolts and a main case of cast aluminum. Typical Borg Warner casting numbers found on the T4are and for the T5. Later T4’s and T5’s have a larger front countershaft bearing. The earlier version is denoted by a ” ” suffix and the later version is denoted by a ” ” suffix.

A strengthened version of the T5 called the “World Class” was available and parts were formerly available to address some of the transmission’s weaknesses. However, even with these, splines shear and the cases stretch under torque and no such upgrades could prevent some failures. Because of the weaknesses of this transmission, we do not make adapter assemblies to join it to other transfer cases. GM Because of the transmission’s weak service record behind stock Jeep powerplants, we do not offer any conversion to V6 or V8 power.

How to install 240v Hook Up (mains electric) into a VW Transporter T5