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Aella Credit Case Study Aella Credit gains a competitive edge, improves identity verification, and grows from 5, to , customers in several months. The organization provides access to credit to customers across Nigeria through an online loan-processing platform. Aella Credit uses AWS to support its loan-processing software and takes advantage of Amazon Rekognition for identity verification.

Nov 14,  · The Washington Post newsroom was not involved in the creation of this content. Learn more about WP BrandStudio. Content from UC Davis. How this technology is reclaiming a human right.

The site courted controversy by not having workable reporting, tracking or parental control processes, which have become the norm on other social media websites. Now owned by Ask. At the time, existing leaders Mark and Ilya Terebin responded to the allegations by stating that they did have a reporting feature and employ a number of moderators to fight cyberbullying. Accordingly, the site had a “sexually explicit comment” monitor staffed by moderators; however, no comments were ever deleted, even for explicit threats.

This was a major cause of criticism. He called for tighter controls against social networking sites like ASKfm, saying that he had seen the abuse his daughter had received and it was wrong that it was anonymous. ASKfm has million users, 25 billion answers and 49 languages. Aine Lynch of the National Parents Council said she met with the new owners of ASKfm at their request and that “they seem to be really going through the site to try and make sure that it’s moderated better and that postings on it are more responsible.

However, some experts believe that the combination of offline contacts who know each other well, and the availability of online anonymity is a toxic mix that will inevitably lead to problems for some users.

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The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. This lacks historical perspective. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal.

The Jim Manning Society was established in by the Greater Montana Foundation and the Montana Broadcasters Association. It honors exceptional performance in local direct radio and television sales.

The log below traces development of the tuner, shown on the right in finished form, from planning through construction and optimization. Background Finding the right components today for a tube-based AM or FM stereo tuner is a real challenge. A typical radio frequency RF product uses a number of high-frequency transformers and coils. Finding replacements for those devices today can be extraordinarily difficult. The coils could be custom-built; however, that raises both the complexity and cost of the project.

Because of these considerations, the concept here will be to utilize the RF transformers and coils from old receivers and build the rest from new parts. This project will utilize printed wiring boards PWBs and ultimately wind up as a show-quality product. As currently planned, the unit will have the following general characteristics: These products are commonly available on eBay and from other sources. They seem as good a place to start as any.

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Abortive efforts[ edit ] The But only Cass, Steele, Sands, and Bassett had broadcast experience, and not as disc jockeys. The all-female disc jockey lineup endured for a little more than a year, switching in September to a mixed-gender staff, before a major change the following month.

George FM is NZ’s dance and electronic music station. Get started here! Time to tell us which songs to stop playing and which songs to play more.

Abstract Longitudinal neuroimaging studies demonstrate that the adolescent brain continues to mature well into the 20s. This has prompted intense interest in linking neuromaturation to maturity of judgment. Public policy is struggling to keep up with burgeoning interest in cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging. However, empirical evidence linking neurodevelopmental processes and adolescent real-world behavior remains sparse.

Nonetheless, adolescent brain development research is already shaping public policy debates about when individuals should be considered mature for policy purposes. With this in mind, in this article we summarize what is known about adolescent brain development and what remains unknown, as well as what neuroscience can and cannot tell us about the adolescent brain and behavior. We suggest that a conceptual framework that situates brain science in the broader context of adolescent developmental research would help to facilitate research-to-policy translation.

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Share shares The study, conducted by analysts at Spotify and Echo Nest, also showed the youngest listeners — aged between 13 and 14 years-old — almost exclusively play tunes by artists at the top of the charts. Scientists at Queen Mary University and Imperial College London, conducted what they say is the first data-driven, scientific view of the evolution of 50 years of popular music on the US Billboard chart.

Some 17, songs that made the top in the US between and were categorised by the chords and tones used, creating a step by step picture of how popular music has evolved. They detected three musical revolutions: The experts noticed heavy use of dominant 7th chords in blues and jazz music, which peaked in popularity in the s.

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Posted on July 3, by energyskeptic [ When Trucks stop running, civilization ends. Trucks are not only vulnerable to running out of liquid fuels, they also depend on micro-chips i. The less dependent the electric power system is on computers, micro-controllers and processors, and SCADA , the more resilient, easy to repair, and less vulnerable to cyber attacks the power system will be. The electric grid is already complicated enough, with 9, generation plants, , miles of transmission lines, and dozens of squabbling entities running it.

The Smart Grid will dramatically increase the dependency of the electric grid on microprocessors, and turn the electric system into a giant computer that will monitor itself, optimize power delivery, remotely control and automate processes, and increase communications between control centers, transformers, switches, substations, homes, and businesses. Smart Grid devices have the potential of making the electric grid less stable: Due to an increasing density of electromagnetic emitters radiated and conducted, intentional and unintentional , the new equipment must have adequate immunity to function consistently and reliably, be resilient to major disturbances, and coexist with other equipment.

Making the electric grid even more dependent on microprocessors than it already is will make the grid more difficult and expensive to fix, and overly-dependent on microprocessor production — the most vulnerable industry of all. Chip fabrication can stop for weeks after a short electric power disturbance or outage, potentially ruining an entire hour batch of microprocessors and manufacturing equipment.

High quality electricity must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Semiconductor chips are vulnerable to even tiny power disruptions because a single mistake anywhere in the dozens to hundreds of steps renders the product useless. Chip fabrication plants can not handle rolling blackouts Electric service interruption is one of the major causes of semiconductor fab losses Global. It can take a week or more for a fabrication plant to start up again EPRI

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Monday, January 29th, MMB: Men spend about 42 minutes more on this task each week than women do… What is it? Some business experts wanted to know the best word to open an email with if you want to get a response. They looked at hundreds of thousands of message boards and found that this was the number one choice.

Today is National Spouses Day. A new survey found that this is what annoys us the most about our spouses.

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Listen to the audio version of this story. This story contains explicit language. The arts group was small. Its offices in the Strip District housed just three paid staff: Welsby, the programming and operations assistant; one co-worker; and Harish Saluja, an artist and filmmaker in his early 70s, who was founder and executive director of the year-old organization. Saluja, she says, proved difficult to work with.

He was often verbally abusive, she says, and had angry outbursts. And, she says, he took an unusual interest in how his employees and interns, who were almost all women, dressed. Then, just before they walked into the meeting room, she says, Saluja abruptly mentioned a bit of information she had confided in him: She went home that day in tears.

Weeks later, she began speaking to media outlets. On Tuesday — two days after the end of the film festival — board members met Welsby and her co-worker at the office and told them their jobs were terminated and that Silk Screen was suspending operations. She viewed it as hush money. Saluja has denied allegations of sexual harassment.

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